Latin Humanist: Transcription



Transcribe the entire page from Cod. Bodmer 137 starting on line 3. (The top two lines in red are too faded to read easily. You do not need to transcribe the inscription at the bottom.)

Script and abbreviations

Transcribing Humanist Minuscule should be a relief after the other scripts you have tangled with during this course! However, this is the manuscript we looked at in the Humanist Paleography lesson that was written by a Northern Italian scribe steeped in Gothic habits, so you will notice some fusions, and there are quite a few abbreviations.


Below are the abbreviations that may cause confusion. When expanding these, remember to use parentheses to indicate which letters you are supplying, as in previous lessons.

Abbreviations utilized in Cod. Bodmer 137

You should be able to figure out the other simple suspensions and contractions from your previous experience with abbreviations and your knowledge of Latin.

The generous word spacing in this manuscript might trick you into thinking the scribe’s word separation is entirely correct, but it is not. Stay alert! And when hyphenating word breaks at line end, notice where the scribe has used a very long, almost-invisible hyphen, and where he has omitted the hyphen. Remember to put the hyphen in parentheses if you supply it yourself.

Exercise 1