HMML School teaches about scripts and manuscripts, introducing learners to the sciences of paleography and codicology.  Choose a manuscript culture and follow the development of scripts through the centuries! 


You can also learn how to transcribe manuscripts, representing the handwritten text in a form that can be used for further study and comparison with other copies of the text.


Latin scripts from Classical Antiquity to Humanist writing of the 15th century.

Latin Scripts

Syriac scripts from the earliest Estrangela to the 21st century, including Garshuni.­­

Syriac Scripts

Arabic scripts from the 9th to 20th centuries, using Christian Arabic manuscripts from Sinai and HMML’s collections.

Arabic Scripts

HMML Lexicon

Lexicon introduces terms used in manuscript studies.

HMML Folio

Folio provides richly-annotated images that show how writing changes over time.

HMML Reference

Reference offers bibliographical resources related to paleography, codicology, and manuscripts in general across many traditions.